For the most delicate procedures, there is no room for error. Sticking and charring is caused by excess heat buildup at the tips of the traditional BiPolar forceps which can tear delicate tissue. Excess heat can also cause peripheral tissue damage.


Rx Only. For safe and proper use of this device, refer to the Instructions for Use.

Please contact Customer Service for Instructions for Use(IFU). Call 800.510.3318 or email

When used at a reduced power setting, the GEM Non-Stick BiPolar Forceps are designed to:

Electrosurgical instruments and accessories should be used only by individuals who have been specially trained in their use.

GEM4025J-NS-SGEM BiPolar Jewelers Forceps, 4 5/8” (11.7 cm), MicroTips, Straight
GEM4025J-NS-CGEM BiPolarJewelers Forceps, 4 5/8” (11.7 cm), MicroTips, Curved
GEM4050A-NSGEM BiPolar Adson Forceps, 5” (12.7 cm), MicroTips
GEM4100A-NSGEM BiPolar Adson Forceps, 5” (12.7 cm), 1.0mm Tips
GEM4075S-NSGEM BiPolar Semkin Forceps, 5 ¾” (14.6 cm), 0.75 mm Tips
GEM4050B-NSGEM BiPolar Bayonet Forceps, 7 ¾” (19.7 cm), Micro Tips
GEM4075G-NSGEM BiPolar Gerald Forceps, 7 ¼” (18.4 cm), 0.75 mm Tips
GEM41105-FPGEM BiPolar Cord, 12’ (3.6M), Fixed Pin, 45◦ Angled Instrument Connector

For More information or to place an order please call Customer Service at 800.510.3318 USA or 205.941.0111